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Best Leading Arabic-language algeria newspaper based in Kouba, Algiers.  website:

El Khabar

Elkhabar is a daily newspaper in Algeria published seven days a week in the tabloid format. It is one of the most widelyread Algerian newspapers. El Khabar′s web service publishes selected news in Arabic and French, with a minor section in English, though often poorly.translated.Editor:
Ali DjeriFirst issue date: November 1, 1990 website: 

El Moudjahid

El Moudjahid is an Algerian French-language newspaper. It was founded during the Algerian War to inform FLN resistance fighters, and after independence it became the newspaper of the single-party FLN government. Since the FLN was voted out of power in 1991, the newspaper is no longer affiliated with that party. Wikipedia.Owner: Politics of Algeriawebsite:

El Watan

El Watan is an independent French-language newspaper in Algeria website:

El Massa

El Massa is an Algerian daily newspaper printed in Arabic website:

El Heddaf

Algerian sports newspaper devoted to football. website:

El Bilad

El Bilad is an Arabic language satellite television channel broadcasting from Algiers website:

Algerian TV

TV1, formerly Algerian Television then Terrestrial Channel, is the first Algerian general public network of Établissement public de télévision formerly Établissement national de télévision, along with Canal Algérie, TV3, TV4, TV5, TV6, and TV7 website:

The Entreprise nationale de radiodiffusion sonore is Algeria’s state-owned public radio broadcasting organization. Formed in 1986 when the previous Algerian Radio and Television company was split into four enterprises, it produces three national radio channels: Chaîne 1 in Arabic Chaîne 2 in Berber Chaîne 3 in French. Wikipedia website:



Algerie 1












Live News Algérie (news site)



El Mihwar


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Algeria language : The official languages of Algeria are Arabic and Tamazight

About Newspaper and news

Algeria newspaper is the heart of Algeria. Newspapers present the real situation of Algeria and the world. Newspapers of most countries of the world are independent but newspapers of some countries are not independent. Newspapers of some countries are obedient to the government of that country. In countries where newspapers are not independent, in reality, dictatorships exist in the name of democracy. In other words, the people there are not really independent. Newspapers do not reflect the hopes and aspirations of the people of that country. Algeria newspapers are published in Bengali and English. Besides, newspapers are published in different languages ​​(Dari, Spanish, Persian,Arabic) in different countries of the world. When a number of people from one country live in another country with the same language, they speak in their own language in their community (Japanese community newspapers published in New York.). In Algeria, news is published online, TV and radio without newspapers. Algeria newspapers are available online. Newspapers are also published regionally. Magazines based on sports, cooking, etc. are published in every country.

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