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The Amigoe is a Dutch-language daily aruba newspaper with editorials in Curaçao and whose audience are the peoples of the former Netherlands Antilles, specifically Curaçao and Aruba. The newspaper is one of the most widely read dailies in Aruba. Website :

Travel site of Aruba Tourism Authority.. Website :

Featuring travel and tourism destination information, press releases, images, and more. Website :

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Aruba Language : Papiamento and Dutch

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Oranjestad is the capital and largest city of Aruba

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Aruba newspaper is the heart of Aruba. Newspapers present the real situation of Aruba and the world. Newspapers of most countries of the world are independent but newspapers of some countries are not independent. Newspapers of some countries are obedient to the government of that country. In countries where newspapers are not independent, in reality, dictatorships exist in the name of democracy. In other words, the people there are not really independent. Newspapers do not reflect the hopes and aspirations of the people of that country. Aruba newspapers are published in Aruban and English. Besides, newspapers are published in different languages ​​(Dutch, Spanish, Persian, french) in different countries of the world. When a number of people from one country live in another country with the same language, they speak in their own language in their community (Japanese community newspapers published in New York.). In Aruba, news is published online, TV and radio without newspapers. Aruba newspapers are available online. Newspapers are also published regionally. Magazines based on sports, cooking, etc. are published in every country.