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What is Newspaper :

News is the collection of selected information from a series of events published in the media, especially through print and broadcasting, as a third-party spokesperson, through which the communication process is completed.World news is now published online, excluding the printing world.News can be published with any information of all times but especially with the flow of contemporary events which is very important to the people. News is currently published in newspapers, radio, TV, online, etc. ,
World newspaper or today’s news, usually the most important contemporary issues, government of different countries, politics, education, health, environment, weather, economy, sociology, business, trade, fashion, entertainment, sports, war, and contemporary issues to publish religious publications. Official announcements, opposition political speeches, as well as any kind of events of the country’s important people, the conduct is published in the news media.
In addition, through global newspapers, we publish various laws of the state, analyze, public health and provide information to the people about various crimes and criminals through newspapers. People’s desires are expressed through the World Newspapers and people can share them with one another through the news. At present, various analytical and important issues related to economics and technology are published in the world  news.

History of world newspaper :

The first news in the world was published through newspapers. world Newspapers were introduced in the early seventeenth century. Prior to this, brief government proclamations were issued from the cities under the control of the government. The first written newspaper was published from Egypt. During the Pharaoh’s reign 2400 BC, decrees or edicts were issued to spread to different parts of the state in the form of courier services, the most popular modern media.

In ancient Rome, the proclamation proclaimed by Julius Caesar on behalf of Extre Diorna or the government was made for the purpose of the people. These were propagated in front of the people with the help of metals or stones.
In the early days of the Chinese government, news sheets were made. It was known as Tipaonam. In the second and third centuries, during the late Han Dynasty, publicity was arranged for the courts. Between 613 and 634 AD, during the Tang Dynasty, news was officially published under the name Kaiyun Ja Bao. It was handwritten on silk. Only government officials were allowed to read it for propaganda purposes. Towards the end of Ming’s reign in 1582, he was allowed to publish news privately.
Early in Europe, handwritten newspapers were used as a means of exchanging information to enhance inter-border relations. In 158, handwritten news was published in Venice. Arrangements were made to roll the four papers together and send them to the reader in a week. The war and politics of Italy and Europe were covered in these papers. The first printed newspaper came out of Germany in 1809, at the initiative of Johann Carolus. Relation, a German-language magazine, was a weekly.The first English language newspaper was published in Amsterdam in 1820. The first French newspaper was published in 1831. The first American newspaper was published in 1890. The Bengal Gazette is the first newspaper in India. Edited by James Augustus Hickey in January 180. The four-page magazine was 12 inches by 8 inches. The Portuguese were the first to bring printing presses to India. On September 6, 1556, a wooden printing press was unloaded from a ship at Goa on the west coast of India.In the same year, the book was published. But no one saw that book. The first printing press was established in Hughli in 18.
In the United States, newspapers were traditionally published in the morning and afternoon in large cities. Due to the expansion of the media and the expansion of the field of news, most of the afternoon newspapers stopped publishing. News is published in the morning in different countries of the world including Bangladesh. At present, due to the availability of various news media including online, TV, radio, the news reaches the people at the moment. Even then, print newspapers are important for a variety of reasons.

First published Globel Newspapers and News agencies:

Published in 1805, the Relationship Alar Furnamen and Gedenangkurdigen Historian is recognized as the world’s first newspaper.
Agence France-Presse (AFP) is the world’s oldest news agency. The agency was founded in 1835 by Charles-Louis Havas, a French translator and advertising agent.
Print world newspapers are published in the morning, resulting in less damage. Basically, the quality and attitude of the newspaper is right in it. News is usually based on 8 Ws. The 6 Ws are Hu, Huat, Hoen, Hoar, Huai and How. It is possible to make news on any subject by noticing these.After conducting any news search activities through these words, no more questions remain. Although the newspaper has a subject-based page, the most important news is presented on the first page. This allows busy readers to be aware of important news in a short period of time.

Popular world Newspaper :

Popular 100 ( One hundred ) World Newspaper.

In all the countries where the press enjoys freedomIn all the countries where the press enjoys freedom :

  1. USA
  2. . UK 

The world’s independent news media:

  1. CNN
  2. Al-Jazz-aria 

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